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“A nation can only be free, happy, and great in proportion to the virtue
and intelligence of the people.”

Stephen F. Austin


This organization held its first meeting on June 27, 1987 in the Stephen F. Austin State Park at San Felipe, TX.

Its objectives are:

    1. To keep alive for inspiration for this and succeeding generations the memories of the spirit, courage, and character of the men and women belonging to Stephen Fuller Austin's first colony in Texas, known as " THE OLD THREE HUNDRED."; and,
    2. To encourage and foster research, leading to the preservation and publication of the history and the records of this first group of Texians.

Our Charter was issued on January 28, 1988. The organization then held the Charter Membership period from June 27, 1987 to June 30, 1990 and ending that same period with 358 Charter Members who represented 81 ancestors.

In June 2010 at the Annual Meeting, the above flag, designed by the late Mr. John F. Herzer, was adopted as the official flag and emblem of the organization with the encouragement of then President, Mrs. Dorothy Wilbeck. The name Austin's Old 300 was adopted as the official moniker of the Descendants of Austin's Old Three Hundred.

In June 2012, the organization celebrated its 25th Anniversary at Leidertafel Hall in Sealy, TX with many dignitaries, honored past officers and a boisterous general membership in attendance. K.R Woods performed music from his anthology of Texas history. This event marked a benchmark for the organization as it turned to the future under the careful guidance of President William "Fred" Strauss and his wife, Mrs. Betty Strauss.

As of August 2012, memberships have been established based on direct blood lineage from 128 ancestors of the original 300 settlers.

On May 31, 2018, the organization purchased its first headquarters and event center, the S.O. Eidman house, on Constitution Square in San Felipe, TX.


Descendants of Austin's Old 300

PO Box 690

San Felipe, TX  77473